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Fake Morgans


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Do you guys see these often? In some countries the fakes are harder to find then the real ones. Somehow I think this isn't the case with Morgans...


Are there websites on these? Or other sources?


I bought this one last Sunday, that's why I wondered.







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Most of the counterfeits are a bit better than the example shown above. The ones I saw in China last year are still not quite convincing to most collectors yet.


The best counterfeit Morgans are the Micro-O variety from ca. 1889-1901 or so. These were contemporary counterfeits probably made ca. the 1930's when silver was only about 25¢ an oz. and the person or people making them were making a profit on a circulating coin. They were so convincing that until only about the last 10 years they were thought to just be mint varieties, but then someone noticed the same abbrasion on all of the coins, leading to the conclusion that they were all created from the same hub. These were even authenticated by leading TPG's including NGC and PCGS.


The above Micro-O variety is one coin I would really like to have sometime.

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