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Anyoen collect Chinese Banknotes during the 30s and 40s and the bank notes from Qing Dynasty?


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I have never actually seen a Qing Dynasty (1644- 1911) note for sale - only seen them in books. The oldest one I have is the run of the mill 1914 Bank of Communications note.


But I do have some from the 1930's and 1940's. Nothing too good, though. I have most of the Farmers Bank of China issues that I want - those depicting daily life activities. I had kind of stumbled on some vertical formatted local notes from the 1920's a while back and I really like them. They have been pretty hard to find, though and I have only three in my collection. I think they are remainders too, but that's all I have been able to get.


I'd be very interested to see some Qing Dynasty notes too, if anyone here has some.

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i collect chinesse banknotes. the oldest is a 1914 one. olso i have a interesting one:5 yuan fron the cebtral bank of china. unfortunatly for mister see323, it has the serie.... 888887. i also have a similar one with 888687.

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