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Napoleonic Medals


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It's my personal collection online. Most of what I've got is there although there's a few hundred period magazines, newspapers and books that I've never bothered to image since I seem to be one of the few people on the planet who's interested.


Also currently on my server (though I'll offer space to more people once I get off my lazy b-tt and configure secure FTP) are:


Fortiter's Napoleonic Medals


A collection of my friend David Block who passed in 2002. David wrote in some detail about many of the medals and what led to their being issued. It was a huge collection and was sold at auction by UBS in Switzerland in 2005. Before he passed away (and I wasn't even aware he was sick) he sent me this medal which remains one of the treasures of my collection. Before the 2005 sale his sister wrote and asked if there were any book I would like from his collection. I requested his copy of the Medallic history of Napoleon Bonaparte, by Ann Mudie Scargill which she promptly sent me. I'm sure she wondered why this obscure volume, by no means the most valuable in monetary terms, was my choice. It was because he had explained to me in one of our literally thousands of emails that the purchase of that book in 1936 had started him collecting Napoleonic Medals. His family graciously gave me permission to keep the site online.


The BlackWatch Collection


Also on the server is the images of the BlackWatch collection, sold in 2006 I believe. It was put together in very short fashion by a gentleman who is an antique dealer. After a few years collecting he decided to free up the capital it represented and went into another field of collecting. Like the Block family he gave me permission to retain the site on the server.

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Just picked up another Napoleonic medal.




Napoleon taken abroad HMS Bellerophon to surrender to Capt. Mattland.

Bramsen 1691.


Nice medal! :bthumbsup:

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Elverno used to post a lot of Napoleonic Medals but haven't heard anything recently. Anyone hear from him?

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Is the web pages removed?

Appears so. Too bad as they were quite nice and contained lots of interesting info

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