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Celebrity Ugly Coin Competition - Week 5

Guest Stujoe

Who is uglier  

  1. 1. Who is uglier

    • Baudouin franc
    • Shumacher mark

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Guest Stujoe
For those with speakers who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://thegongshow1976.com/LoveesCo.ram )


WOW! Mr Paasi-whatever must surely have an identity crisis now. He just became comfortable in his sagging skin as being the ultimate-ugly, and now he finds himself puuurtier than someone else! :ninja: I hope someone gave him SBA's number!


Well, our new resident highness -errrrr- lowness, now sits upon his throne. (I hope he does not flush himself ;) !) The man has so many aliases, let us just welcome him as King B!



His opponent tried to enter already last week. However, his real life personal struggle was too poignant for this trivial, vulgar contest. But we do not discriminate on the basis of good or poor character here. If you're ugly or homely than you're welcome here! :mrgreen:  This man has Moses for a hair stylist. So if you have been wondering where Waldo is, here he is! He ain't no Formula driver, but he is Schumacher! (I wonder if he could fix my sandles?)



You know the drill- hit the Gong when you have had enough of looking at either of their faces!

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