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Modern US-coins

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To complete my collection of modern US-coins since ~1950 I still need the following coins:


Jefferson Nickels

1939 D

1939 S

1942 P

1948 S

1950 D

1951 S


Washington Quarter

1992 P




1973 D



Susan B Anthony

1981 P

1981 D

1981 S



2002 P

2003 P

2003 D


I have some German and European coins for a trade, just tell me what you're looking for.



PS: In addition I'm looking for cheap Proofsets 1968 - 1990.

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Wisht I had known, I went through about 2000 dimes all silver awhile back. I have to go through again sometime for another member, he is only looking for Mercs, but I have lots of Roosies too.



Oh, why do you stress this work? I put the several years of those dimes and of every other coin in a ... hm.. I hope it's the right word, because I translated it word by word from German into the English language, but i put them in "pressure catch bag", you can close those bags on the top.. and it's easy to find the several years and mintmarks. But my advantag is, that I don't have many coins for trading....


Just tell me, when you can find something for me in the future :ninja:

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