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info required on The Netherlands 5 gulden 1966


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Hi all,


I don't have any notes catalogues and I need some price info on a 5 gulden note from the Netherlands, from 1966.


Unfortunately I don't have a photograph of the note. I also have not much experience in grading notes. It's in pretty good condition, It looks like it has been brought into circulation and very soon taken out again. It has two folds and a few very minor wrinkles. I'll try posting a pic later. [edit]Pictures are posted a few posts down[/edit


The pic posted below is from a similar note, borrowed from another website: http://aes.iupui.edu/rwise/




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Here is what the NVMH Muntalmanak says about that note ...


23-1a 1 cijfer 2 letters 6 cijfers 6 / 12 / 25

23-1b variant serie XA-XM 40 / 85 / 150

23-2 variant serie 6 AA (nummer meer naar rechts) 60 / 250 / 500


Prices in € for: ZF / P / UNC

(No idea how notes are graded. :ninja: )



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