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Complete Set of Barber Dimes

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Hey gang! I was going to put this on e bay in a few days.... but I figured Id let you guys here have a shot at it first. I'm asking $1,100 for it (greysheet bid is $1,050 and ask is $1,175) These are VERY hard sets to put together with nice quality coins! PM for more


Im gonna list the coins and what I grade them. then pictures to follow.


page 1 1892-1900 P are all goods


page 2 1900 O through 1907 S are all goods with the exception of the 1901 P, 1902 O, 1902 P which are VG's


page 3 Im going to have to list each coin separate on this page.


1908- G

1908 D- F

1908 O- G

1908 S- VG

1909- G

1909 D- G

1909 O- G

1909 S- G

1910- G

1910 D- G

1910 S- G

1911- G+

1911 D- G

1911 S- G

1912- G

1912 D- G+

1912 S- G+

1913- F

1913 S- F

1914- VG+

1914 D- F

1914 S- G

1915- VG

1915 S- G

1916- G+

1916 S- G+









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That will be quite the en devour. For some reason the barber dimes are very hard to do. There are 13 coins with a mintage in the Thousands not millions so it can be quite a challenge. This particular set is from my personal collection. Its just time to let it go.


My budget says I'll have to dip down to lower grades to add some of the dates/mints. But I see XFs and AUs in the $20-$50 range when I do see them at a table or in a price guide.

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