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bulk wheats


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This is old info - but I was looking for a bulk lot a while back and recently found my notes (all prices in US$):




10 lbs - $79.99

25 lbs - $149.99

5 lbs - $46.99



5 lbs - $39.99


Educational Coin.com

(not sure if you need to be a teacher or school, etc.)

10 lbs - $59.50

50 lbs - $268.00


Ray Komka Coins

1 lb - $7.95


I think I ended up ebaying for the bunch that I bought, and while I got some teens and 20's, mine were mostly 40s and 50s with a decent amount of 30s, and some early 'S' mints. No keys - of course.

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Have you tried www.villagecoin.com ? If it isn't www.villagecoin.com, it could be www.villagecoins.com.


This is one I found in my extensive searching that looks promising.





yes i just orderd some pennies from there i needed to fill my books.

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