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School Dayz.....


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Ring, ring goes the bell

The cook in the lunch room's ready to sell

You're lucky if you can find a seat

You're fortunate if you have time to eat

Back in the classroom, open your books

Keep up the teacher don't know how mean she looks


Soon as three o'clock rolls around

You finally lay your burden down

Close up your books, get out of your seat

Down the halls and into the street

Up to the corner and 'round the bend

Right to the juke joint, you go in


Drop the coin right into the slot

You're gotta hear somethin' that's really hot

With the one you love, you're makin' romance

All day long you been wantin' to dance,

Feeling the music from head to toe

Round and round and round we go


Hail, hail rock and roll

Deliver me from the days of old

Long live rock and roll

The beat of the drums, loud and bold

Rock, rock, rock and roll

The feelin' is there, body and soul.





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What kind of camera do you use Lucille? Your images are nice big and clear, my digital doesn't get quite that nice of pics.

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I use a simple point and shoot Cannon PowerShot Pro...




I use a Sony Cyber-shot, it's not bad for its size, but doesn't take quite as nice close-ups as your camera. It's digital, so it only has a macro "option" not a lense.

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