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Found my dream error :)

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d=37 mm

Belgium 100 Francs 1853. Plain head // Conjoined heads of the Duke and Duchess of Brabant. On their marriage in 1853. Without the mark of value. With edge inscription: * * * DIEU PROTEGE LA BELGIQUE. Fr. 409. 32.27 g.


.900 Gold and a mintage of 482 pieces.


And at least one of those, has the sweetest rimcud on the topright of the reverse...



I will hunt this one down, once I have won the lottery :ninja:



Estimation today: $5000





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hmmm.. beljos, as much of an error nut that you surely are, i'm disappointed to see that such a small cud is hallmark feature of your dream coin. shouldn't it be some super duper error with triple backflip brockerage or something?

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Yeah, probably, but I am hard one to follow :ninja:


This one just is special, because there were only 482 minted. To find an error on a coin like that, is imho quite rare to encounter ;)


But hey, let the triple backflips come to me. There is room for you all ;)

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