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Does anyone know the Mintage of a 1899 50 kopecks. I found the coin yesterday in a coinstar reject bin and I am wondering is it worth anything? It is in F-VF condition.
Look at the edge and try to find either the mintmaster initials or a single star.


According to V.V. Kazakov, if the mintmaster initials are "(Э.Б)", it is rare and quite valuable. He quotes prices of $300 in F, $600 in VF and $1,000 in XF. Other sources do not indicate this coin as being scarce at all, however. Since Kazakov is the ONLY source I know of which lists this variety as scarce, you might be able to find it for much less money than that.


There are also varieties with 180° reverse die orientation or plain edge which are very rare. The other three main "normal" varieties are:

- Paris mint (one star on rim);

- (А.Г) mintmaster;

- (Ф.З) mintmaster.

All of those are about equally common. Also, there are varieties where the dot between the mintmaster initials is missing; some collectors will pay a premium for those. :ninja:

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