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194 (?) Lincoln cent


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Hi all you gals and guys.

This is my first try at sending a picture of a coin. It was done with Paint Shop Pro and a scanner.


I took the coin to a gentleman coin dealer yesterday and he is as certain as I am that this coin is original and the problem is likely a thinner than normal planchet that was struck and caused the 'error'.


The coin came from either a 1,000 or 500 sealed penny bag I purchased a few weeks ago.

I doubt anyone would take the time to fake something like this and put it in a bag to sell.

The coin has no file marks and has a fairly even and good patina, and as you can see, is a bit dirty.


Can anyone tell me what kind of error it is? And, if possible what grade you might give it.


Thanks for your input.



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not worth much but looks real i have atleast 10 of these and 3 of them were from the same roll of 1999 pennies!!


Thanks Dustin.

I guess I will keep looking at my enormous collection of pennies and maybe I will find one that is actually 'rare'.


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