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Romanian commem. coin 50 years Treaty of Rome


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In 15'th May 2007 the Romanian National Bank issued one silver commemorative coin of 10 lei - 50 years Treaty of Rome, and simultaneosly celebrating the Romania's integration in EU in january 2007. The Av design is inspired by the commem 2 euro coin "Treaty of Rome".

Diameter is 37mm, Silver 999, weight 31.103gram and mintage only 500 ex. This will be the key for the collectors of "Treaty of Rome" commem coins. The price at the national bank is approx 60 euro including the case and the certificate of authenticity with serial number (mine is 0000480).

Interesting is that on map of EU states is no border line between Bulgaria and Greece! A similar error was some years ago at italian 1000 lire coin 1997 (there was only West Germany on map, not including the Eastern Germany)


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