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gotta go!!!

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Want to build up some PayPal funding for a few spending sprees I am planning. So, I am going to do some mass liquidating in the next few weeks. I figure the best things to start with are the ones that I already have scans of, so you can see what you are getting.



I have listed on Omnicoin & Banknotebank is now available for sale. Just make me a respectable offer on anything that interests you.


*(of course, my core collection is off-limits. this includes: Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Yugoslavia. Everything else is fair game.)



Besides what is listed, I have quite a bit of other material that I hope to dig out and begin posting ASAP, including a lot of UK stuff (nothing rare or spectacular, but a good variety of dates/denominations)


Although I do prefer PayPal, I am always open to other methods of payment, and will even entertain trade offers, although my interests are pretty narrow. Shoot, I am even beginning to start buying books to fill the bookshelf emptied when the wife packed up and left. Throw me an offer!!!

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