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Nickel Error

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I can professionally tell you that your nickle is NOT the 43/2 variety. The inside lower loop of the 3 would be flat, like a line was drawn straight across, and there would be a diagonal line goind Northeast from the tip of the lower loop of the 3.


I can't finda pic though on the web. Bit I will find one somewhere. LOL


What I see on your coin is damage from being hit by another coin or hard object of some sort. I hate saying it, but you got yourself just a plain 1943 Nickel. Sorry.


The reason I know about 43 nickels so well, is that I have photographed 3 or 4 of them and have saved myself a few bucks by not buying a non overdate nickel for overdate money. You MUST becareful. Everything I described about the overdate MUST and I mean MUST be there!!!!!If it only has one of the two diagnostics, it is NOT an overdate. Just wanting to make sure nobody get's burned.

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Thank you guys for your kind words.


Normally when any kind of statement is made as to something being of value or not is usually met with disgust. LOL This is the first time I have recieved kind words for my knowledge. ;) thanks alot guys. You don't know what that means to me.


I personally don't deal with errors (ie striking, planchet mistakes) since those can happen at any time of any year. I personally like the varieties (ie RPMs, Doubled Dies, die retooling). I do have several errors though, find them frequently looking for varieties. If I can remember and get off my back side, I'll shoot a pic of an exceptional error Sac. Dollar I got. Nicely double clipped. ;) Haven't seen another one like it, and wineburg(sp?) has one or two for sale, but no pics of them.


But needless to say, not trying to sound like I am spamming the group, but soon I'll be listing various errors and varieties (mostly lincoln cents) on eBay. I use the same name as here, so if ya want, add my name to your favorite sellers. And who knows you might see something you like. If that statement there was unwanted I appologize and will edit it out if requested to do so. :ninja:


But as for locating varieties, 90% of my doubled dies and RPMs come from dealer junk boxes or single pieces purchased from thier regular stock. The rest come from rolls or wheat cent bags. Starting to only look for AU and UNC grades. They photograph so much better. LOL


Well, see ya'll on the flip side. And I'lltry to remember that pic this evening.

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Photographing set up is as follows. Stereo microscope. 1X & 3X powers with a 15x eye pieces (thus 15 power and 45 power. Also have 10x eye pieces for 10 and 30 powers). I have camera attachment for the camera I have. The camera is a Nikon Cool Pix 950. I attch the attachment to the camera and then attach those two to the eye piece of the scope. I use an outside light source (I use flouresence lamp myself, already have the camera adjust for the "blue" hue cast by it). The main reason for that is the heat. a regular lamp bulb get's hot pretty quick and is harsh on the highlights, especially on silver and unc copper. I may try and take a pic of the set up sometime so you guys can visualize what I am refering to here.


On the eyes, the biggest thing you have to over come is when using a loupe for any reason, you MUST force yourself to keep both eyes opened!!! closing one eye tends to lead to fatigue, and what I refer to as loupe eye. Where the eye that you close so you can look through the loop get's blurry after doing that for any length of time. I used a loupe at shows, and I use the stereo microscope at home. You would be amazed at how fast you can check the pick up points on any coin. I have been known to sail through a wheat cent bag in a matter of days. ($50.00 face value ie 5000 coins.)


As for that pic I promised yesterday, I am sorry, I went straight to a pub after work, and the next thing I knew, is that it was 12 midnight....LOL Ooooops. hahaha


Sorry. :ninja:

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