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Seated liberty dollar no motto

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how to tell if mine is a fake? sorry no pics.

(i am pretty sure it is, but i want to know what to look for)


firstly the date seems to be out as it is 1876 (the 7 appears to be raised above the other numbers as if it has been stuck on top of what was there before) the detail looks fine, the feathers and arrows are clear and even the liberty message on her shield can be read but it has suffered some wear and rubbing.


any info would be helpful!



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Thought as much, the curious thing is the the 7 in the 1876. The other numbers are stamped/etched into the coin (is this normal?) whilst the seven is raised up? is there any reason someone would perhaps take a coin of another date and try to make it 1876? or is this an error of the fake manufacture? the 7 really looks out of place and the rest of the coin does not look too bad.

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