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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 22

Guest Stujoe

Which one is worse?  

  1. 1. Which one is worse?

    • butelier's lei
    • Tiffibunny's nickel

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Guest Stujoe
For those with speakers and Real Player who want a heightened experience, start with the first link. The second can then be listened to for the remaining duration.




Welcome to a bizarre yet familiar destination. Each fork in the road brings us back to the start. We still do not know where we are going. Weakened by curiosity, we continue forward; picking up strangers, willing passengers to enter Coinpeople's Ugly Zone.

Our consciousness sees them, but their essence eludes us. They are our daily companions that we seldom think of. They shun beauty and vanity in order to vie for our attention.


Wormholes, those unknown yet effecting entities have served as a playground for these two coins. Their gravitational pull enticing each other closer as their duplicate poles repel. A simple and primitive dance that neither dares stop, yet is terminated by a watching audience. The centavos returns to the bosom of its corrupted vanity while butelier’s lei continues its passage to the outer reaches of its own interior.



Reminiscence, that peculiar process that brings comfort to some- regret to others. For Liberty here, it is an especially painful act. Once a model of beauty and stature, she has come to envy all others. Can the past be disguised by the future? Can the present regress to the past? Her travels take her on an opposite sojourn to that of the lei, but will Tiffibunny’s nickel be the one to find solace in . . . the Ugly Zone?




Which one belongs in the Ugly Zone?

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