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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 20

Guest Stujoe

Which one is worse?  

  1. 1. Which one is worse?

    • butelier's lei
    • Stujoe's quarter

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Guest Stujoe
(For those with speakers and Real Player who want a heightened experience, start with the first link. The second can then be listened to for the remaining duration.




Welcome to a bizarre yet familiar destination. Each fork in the road brings us back to the start. We still do not know where we are going. Weakened by curiosity, we continue forward; picking up strangers, willing passengers to enter Coinpeople's Ugly Zone.

Our consciousness sees them, but their essence eludes us. They are our daily companions that we seldom think of.  They shun beauty and vanity in order to vie for our attention.


Our current journey brings us to Romania. A blistery coin, yearning to lead us in any new direction in order to get away from itself.



Strangely, it takes us to a prior acquaintance. A haphazard version of itself, George seems to have come down with the pox. Why butelier's lei should insist that we include Stujoe's quarter on our journey is known only to the gods . . . or perhaps we ourselves have fated it to happen.



Which one do we direct to . . . the Ugly Zone!

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