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Some Spanish Errornotes


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Misprinted Serial #

Unprinted S#

Misprint S# (x2)


Over print


Signature in wrong space?

The top in funky


Leaning tower of Piza!



Let me know how many I got right! :ninja:


Looks good ;)


Only that Signature-thingy, isn't so obvious...


Nice group though





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Very nice collection of error notes.


Major error notes are one of the most expensive banknotes around, at least, this is what happen in my country. Be very careful with minor errors such as missing printed object such as missing signature, missing words, number or even serial numbers. They can be easily removed. Missing objects on a polymer note is definitely not to be dealt with. They can move easily by chemical solvents.


I am always fascinated by major error notes with misprints due to folding.




I am not familiar with Spanish banknotes so I just hope I can spot them based on my general knowledge of error notes.


(1) 1D2595649 - Cutting Error and lack of ink while printing the lower serial number.


(2) 1F9562055 - Shifting of printed serial number toward the left resulting in missing number prefix "1" . The next banknote on the right have it's number prefix "1" printed on the right margin of the affected note.


(3) Missing upper and lower serial number.


(4) Shifting print error of lower serial number. This resulted in missing lower serial number but the upper note's lower serial number appear on the note positioning itself at the top margin position.


(5) X2255741 - Same type of error as (4) . Missing lower serial number. This type of error usually has the whole sheet or batch misprinted.


(6) 7H4899518- Due to misailgnment of paper, the printed serial number were lower. Missing top margin is noted.


(7) 161078047 - This is a classic wet-ink transfer from reverse design of another note. As the ink was not fully dried, it was placed on top of this note.


(8) I9473934 - During printing, a small piece of currency paper lies on top of this note. Some printed design fall on the small piece of paper. There is missing printed design on the note. The scan does not show the missing printed design.


(9) 161078047 - One of the signature was printed in the wrong position on the note ( Misprinted signature ).


(10) 100 Cien Pestas - Missing strip print on the topmost of the note. This may be due to lack of ink etc.


(11) 5000 Pestas - This is a major error note. The note was folded outward. There is a portion of the building appearing on the obverse of the note. Since the note was folded, during the reverse printing, a big portion was printed on the folded paper which is on the obverse.

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