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Help identifying hammered coin

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Help Please! :ninja:


Here are photos of the coin:




It is a rather stout coin measuring approximately 17 mm across, and the aproximate thinkness of a US quarter. It has similarities to early Ninteenth Century coins issued in Iraq, Libya and Morocco during the Ottoman Period of rule.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The most likely candidate is a Moroccan falus ca. 19th century, the reverse of the piece is a bit off of centre.


Thank you! :ninja: The coin came from a batch of "junk coins" from a local coin shop that cost me about 8 cents each. It was so encrusted it resembled a slug with barely a faint outline of the Star of David. I almost tossed it aside.


I'm surprised how many north African and Middle Eastern coins had the Star of David during this period. I'm going to do some digging into pre-1800 coins. This followed the Spanish Inquisition when the Moors and Jews were driven from Spain starting in the late 15th century.

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