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1880 CC 80/79 VAM 9


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hey gang I don't know if we have any vam collectors out there. This coin is in a GSA box and I grade it MS63/64


the reason for my posting is that quite a few of these coins ended up in GSA boxes. I cherry picked this particular one from another dealer at a local show so they are out there! Make sure to check any that you see!








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Nice snag, Matt! I saw the overdate in the big picture quite readily. I don't know if I'd have the patience to look close enough to find it.


The varieties in the Morgan series is enough to make me want to jump on the bandwagon. Perhaps I'll choose a small part of the series 1878 - 1885 perse and only go for the varieties there. I know there are probably toooooooons, so it may be a lofty goal!

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