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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 18

Guest Stujoe

Which is worse?  

  1. 1. Which is worse?

    • Doomsday Dime
    • Sordid Centimes

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Guest Stujoe
(For those with speakers and Real Player who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://www.survivormusic.com/video/01_Eye_of_the_Tiger.rm )


Ladiiiiiiies and Gen-tle-mennnn,  wwwwwelcome to the “ Fracas in Fraaaaaance”!

In this corna’, weighin’ in at a wispy and wimpy twooooo point twooooo six eight-ahhh grrrrams; the returnin’ chaaaaamp, puny and brutish; frrrrrreakish, dis-gustiiiiiin’, and rrrrrrrrrrrancid. E-vrrrryone say it wit meeee, Efffffffff-Deeeeeeeee-Aaaarrrrrrr- sdmckinn's  Frankie the Doomsday Diiiiiiiiiiime!!!



This weeeeeek its op-ponent, weighin’ in at whhooo-rrrrrealy-caaaaares; itsssss sssneeeeakyyy, sssstinkyyyy, and zzzzzzzzzincyyy! Its hhhhole kinda’ makes ya’ wishhh the whole vichy coin waza hhoooooleee. Dis Frrrrrrenchie ain’t ev-en fashionab-bly uglyyyyy. Itssss crrrrrrappy, cockyyyyyy, and com-pllllicit-ahhh; itssss kbrown’s  Sssssssssordid Sssscen-tiiiiiiiimes!



Whoooooo goes dowwwwwn in wwwwwhat rrround?[/img]

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