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What belg_jos is looking for!

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Well, let's start with what I collect. That would be errorcoins from Belgium and The Netherlands.

Off center strikes, wrong planchets, large die breaks and CUD's, lamination errors, anything really :ninja:


Beside that, I also search constantly for all the 'Medal Alignments' you can see in your Krause-Mishler under Belgium.

(also smaller die rotations are welcome)

I also would like to find a Leopold II 5 Francs with the engravers name below truncation (KM C# 8.2)

The 1 centime 1832-1862 (KM C# 1.1 & 1.2) and the 2 centimes 1835 & 1836 (KM C# 2.1 & 2.2) are also very welcome.


For a friend, I am also searching the 5000 Franc Gold coins (1999-2000-2001)(KM 210-220-???).



If you would know any of those for sale, please let me know.


There you go.


Fetch those for me, please ;)





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