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Overly optimistic eBay seller...


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OK, OK, it's in a slab ;) ... but this is ridiculous, even for Russian coins:

5 kopeek, 1792-AM (NGC MS-62)


Interesting that they have slabs which can even hold these huge coins ... I guess there's nothing they WON'T slab nowadays! :ninja: Anyway, MS-62 is a ho-hum grade at best ... most USA coins in MS-62 would probably grade "vorzüglich" (i.e. XF+) in Europe. I would pay $50 - $80 for this coin, but $500? ;)

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And don't forget the $15.00 shipping inside the US. I know the coin is big, but not that big, and though expensive, insurance surely cannot be that much.


This brings us back to the post by Old Man about the ridiculous prices on ebay. This time however, nobody was dumb/naive enough to bid on this item. But I find this type of seller anticipation extremely disturbing since it seems to indicate that just about anything goes when it comes to Russian coin prices. All it would take is one bidder, deluded as (s)he may be, to justify increasing already ludicrous prices.

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