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The Ugly Coin Competition -Week 17

Guest Stujoe

Which is worse?  

  1. 1. Which is worse?

    • Doomsday Dime
    • Railroaded Washer

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Guest Stujoe
(For those with speakers and Real Player who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://www.survivormusic.com/video/01_Eye_of_the_Tiger.rm )


Welcome to the “Clash of the Coins”! In this corna’, weighin’ in at a flighty and lighty twooooo point twooooo six eight-ahhh grrrrams; a daak and meeean, an ag-ile not frag-ile battle-hadened warriahh. He’s led his country in a majahhh war and in doin’ so, he’s been bent-ahh but not brrrrroken. Introducin’ the new champ-i-on, sdmckinn's Fightin’ Frankie the Doomsday Diiiiiiiiiiime!!!



His op-ponent, weighin’ in at a rough-and-ready fiiiiive point six se-ven zee-roo grrrrams, a cllllassic fightahh, a leadah, a rrrrrrrebel!! He took on THE world pow-ah, and though woorn down and flattened, he still remained victoooorius! Introducin’ the challangahh, the Grrrrand-Man George, the Quartah who takes no quartahhhhh, gpnyc’s Railroaded Washahh!!!



10 rrrrounds - who goes down in what rrrrround?

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