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Liard - Louis XV - Doublestruck

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I've been buying all sorts of stuff lately, and this one might be the most unexpected buy.


A Liard under the French King Louis XV, that looks to be doublestruck.

I have no idea how rare this is, or what it's worth, but I simply had to have it.


Sometimes you get that feeling :ninja:





Anyone know more about this one? Or similar pieces?



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Man... isn't it a great feeling when you do buy something like that with some reservation. But isn't it an even better feeling when you realize its worth much more?

can't wait to hear more about it.

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Don't know if I want it to be expensive. I paid about $45 for it. That's a lot for something you don't know, but then again, if it isn't rare/expensive, you are sure you won't sell it. Coins are supposed to be in collections, and not on the market :ninja:


That's just my opinion. I bought it because I like it. I don't know anything about French coins and even less about 18th century coinage, but I like it.


That's the only thing that's important ;)


Buy things you like!

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