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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 16

Guest Stujoe

Which is worse?  

  1. 1. Which is worse?

    • The Bald Beast
    • The Toxic Dime

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Guest Stujoe
The Bald Beast shows contempt for all its challengers. Nothing brought against it can come close to vanquishing it! All these attempts are naïve foolishry. Give up yourselves to the invincibility of the Bald Beast!




Yet there is a willing opponent, sdmckinn’s dime. Roosie is ugly enough itself, but here we have the Chernobyl Dime! It has the look of radiation exposure. Toxic, corroded, somehow even rusting, this dime is folding in upon itself in shame. Debased and defamed, this Roosie cares not about any presidential challenger, it wants the Bald Beast’s throne!



Vote for the ugly one.

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