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The Ugly Coin Competition - Week 14

Guest Stujoe

Which is worse?  

  1. 1. Which is worse?

    • The Bald Beast
    • Lapsed Lincoln

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Guest Stujoe
(For those with speakers and Real Player who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://www.vitaminic.it/cgi-php/get_file.p...odo=4&bid=95648 )



Prostrate before your new ruler, USACoin’s Bald Beast. Having vanquished the FEC, it now seeks another adversary. Its youth-like countenance masks its true beastly nature. Be not lulled by the claim of some that this is an actual coin. The Bald Beast is evil inchoate, and this week it confronts . . .




. . . 16d’s Lapsed Lincoln. This freak reveals the innate dangers of one lifespan artificially extended beyond its years. Its DNA atrophies and the resulting abomination is grotesque disfiguration. It has been permitted to remain among us undesired, unwanted, tortured through elongating machines and left to rot in vacuum cleaner bags. The Lapsed Lincoln no longer lies submissive . . .



Vote for the ugliest.

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