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How do you store your notes?


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just wondering the best way to store notes and where you get what you store them in...looking for names and prices...cheapest prices would be best :ninja:


Right now I just have them in paper invelopes...thanks.

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There are a few threads concerning this very issue. One of the last ones was this Link which should point you in the right direction. See323 also has a wonderful method of sealing his notes in archival plastic sheets which is helpful if you are woried about insects, moisture, etc. and can be found here Sealing Link .


Personally, I find the most effective method is using the Ultra Pro sheets which come in various sizes. If there is no direct link to this product in the above links, just search for them and you should be able to find them, or you can ask here. They can be sold very expensively, but they are quite reasonable if you know where to get them. They also come in various sizes. I use their baseball card sheets for Austrian Notgeld, as all my Austrian Notgeld is of that exact same size. German Notgeld is another matter, and I use different sizes for those. They make a great three pocket sheet that most world notes fit into. They can also fit into your choice of binder too.


San Miguel98 just upgraded his and there is another fine link to his method of storage as well. His style is found under the second link.


Well, just follow the links and you should see a few different methods to choose from with photos, etc.


Good luck! :ninja:

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