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Which George & the Dragon is best?

Which design Is best  

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  1. 1. Which George & the Dragon design do you think is best?

    • George V Spink Pattern
    • George V 1933 Issue
    • George VI 1951 Issue

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I voted for the spink.

Two questions-

Whats a spink? :ninja:

And why was he forced to modify it?

Thanks! ;)



Cant answer the modify question but can the spink one,


Spink make the British Coin catalogue every year and also hold coin auctions, etc. They made a series of patterns known as the "Spink Patina Collection" in 1999-2001 in response to cancelled plans by the Royal Mint who were originally going to do a "20th Century Monarch's" coin series featuring profiles of Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI & Elizabeth II


See My Webpage for more info on Spink ;)

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well...after some time...I still love the classic 51...like someone said before, it harkens back to the great craftmanship that used to exist in coins...it seems to me to be the work of a real old school master.

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Sorry to be really awkward but can I opt for the 1950 pattern 4 shillings which was produced by the Royal Mint (I believe) and was basically v. similar to 1951 but it showed St George and the Dragon within the garter belt as per the design on the 1817 sovereigns. There's something about the way they did that design and on a silver-coloured coin which just makes it have the edge on the 1951 version....


Not sure if anyone's got a pic of it to hand that they could post?



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