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Greek Gods and Goddesses on Banknotes


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Greece 50 Drachma 1964 a lovely note with ancient themes and Arethusa.






But Arethusa was bumped off in 1978 and replaced with Poseidon and more ships.


Arethusa lasted just about as long on the Italian 500 Lire:







But alas not forever as she was replaced by the late 1970's.


I like the designs because the vignettes are very similar to those used on ancient Greek cities coinages, particularly those of Syracuse.

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Our very own Labmom has a good sized collection of Greek and Italian notes with Gods and Goddesses on her banknotebank.com collection:


Labmom's Collection on Banknotebank.com


Including a few I need for the pretty girl collection.

Thanks for linking to my collection. Saves me from doing it. :ninja: I do still have a few more Greek notes to add to the collection.

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in romania during 1877-1947 the watermarks wore usual with gods and goddesses like Rome, Mercur, Athena and empereurs like Traian(98-117). olso some of them apear on banknotes as main figures

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