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Best looking modern banknote

Grant Ness

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What do you all think is the best looking modern banknote (modern considered legal tender and circulating at this moment)?


Hmmm ... well, the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) said that the Comoros 1000 note was the note of the year for 2006. For 2005 they said the Faeroe Islands 1000 note was the note of the year. I still need the 1000 Faeroe Islands note to finish my set for that series. While I like both of them, I really don't know about the 1000 Comoros note - it is a neat note, sure, but there are others that I thought were more appealing. Of course they judge on more than aesthetics too.

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my favorite circulating design is the armenian 50,000 dram note. at first, i thought at first that it was strictly a commemorative note. but according the bank of armenia they've been printing these every year since 2001 for general circulation. and the number they printed in 2006 is more than all of 2001-2005 combined!




i really like how the design has you looking through an arch past a courtyard at the old church. it's like a virtual tour. i can imagine looking to the left and seeing the tour group leader making everybody stop to look, while she prattles on with some historical factoid we'll all forget. :ninja:

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