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REQ: Scans of Noble laureates on notes for IBNS Journal

Owen Linzmayer

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To illustrate an article in an upcoming issue of IBNS Journal, I am looking for high-res images of the following notes. If you have any of these notes, please send a 300 dpi scan of front and back (leave a border around the note's edges), 100% actual size, uncompressed JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PSD format.


FLOREY,Lord Howard Walter Physiology 1945 Australia 50 Dollars P47


JINENEZ,Juan Ramón Literature 1956 Spain 2000 Pesetas P159


SIENKIEWICZ, Henryk Adam Literature 1905 Poland 500,000 Zlotych P156


SUTTNER,Baroness Bertha Felice Peace 1905 Austria 1000 Schilling P147


WAGNER-JAUREGG,Julius Physiology 1927 Austria 500 Schilling P134


YEATS, William Butler Literature 1923 Ireland Republic 20 Pounds P73


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Have you thought of including the portuguese 10 000 Escudos 1989-91, P185 with Dr. Egas Moniz? It depicts the actual Nobel prize medal on the back. He got the nobel prize in medicine for his works about lobotomy. Not one of the best moments in the Nobel comittes history :ninja: .

// Joakim

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