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Where can I get info on Polish Coins? I'm trying to get a specific series, after my mom found a 1935 silver 10 zloty coin in the jewelrey box. (Along with a silver Canadian and US quarter, a franklin half and a 1 ounce bar ;);):ninja: )

Anyways, where can I find info and pics on Polish coins?

Thanks ;) ;)

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Nice find! :ninja: The current coins from Poland can be viewed at the website of the mint (Mennica Polska) ...


... or that of the central bank:



Finding older pieces online will be more difficult. Quite a few are depicted here:





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I really need one of those 1832 2 Zloty but I can't find one that is nice enough.

Actually there was one NGC MS 62 on ebay but it went for nearly $200.

That seemed a bit excessive.

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That last site really hit the spot Christian! Thanks again! ;)

I can tell that gold coin is gonna drive me in-sane-ane-ane!


Do you mean Boleslaw ?

I see him in 20 zloty every month on ebay Germany but never cheaply :ninja:

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I love Polish coins and its not just cos I live there! They have a pretty special history and they seem to take pride in their coins with many commemoratives. I am always searching for any coins for the period when Poland didnt exist (1795 - 1918). I am also curious as to how much coins go for in America and elsewhere compared to how much they cost here.

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they go for quite a bit over here ($30-50 in simple fine condition). there has been a resurgence in terms of old coin collecting by wealthy locals. i dont like eBay, way too varied in terms of pricing

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