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Cook Islands 3 Dollars


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After drinking the milk, Ina had to relieve herself and did do on the back of the shark. This made the shark angry, and he warned her to be more grateful or he would abandon her. They say that this is the reason that shark meat smells of urine to this day.




Another version says that after cracking the coconut on the sharks head, the shark became so angry that he ate her.


What the flip! I would have too! She deserved to be eaten much sooner than that!

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I almost wonder that far more of these $3 bills ended up in collections than ever circulated, ie it was created for gullible collectors like myself that find it so unusual that you have to have one?


I always find the $3 notes odd, they have one for the Bahamas as well. It just seems so random, at least a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 50 can be multiplied to make 100 a 3 would either be under or over :ninja:;)

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