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1988 Novodels


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I doubt the exist of the 1980 Olympics novodel coins. In general novodels are of 1965 coins throughout 1985 (if I am not mistaken). Olympics coins at that time were minted in such ridicious figures that perhaps no novodels were required.


There are perhaps two more Olympic coins, both 10 rubles minted after 1980 (1982,3?), one to commemorate Tashkent and Alma-ata but because of the International rule that the Olympic motto / theme or related cannot be used AFTER the Olympics have occured, the trial project was scrapped. It might have been for the Soviet Olympics though - I never know the Soviet history well enough. Would have been VERY interesting to see what happen.


Rusty, I'm assuming that you are collecting all of the Soviet Olympics coins?


Cherburgen, by the number 55, what exactly do you mean?

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I was wondering if novodels were made for the 6 Olympic 1 Rouble coins?

What was the last coin to be issued in the 1988 novodel set?

Thanks! Rusty

It is believed by some, including the undersigned, that the proof Olympic roubles are partly novodels. The proofs may have been first struck as late as 1979 or 1980 or perhaps just after the end of the Olympics. Unlike the regular issues, the proofs are rather scarce, especially the 1978 rouble with the Kremlin tower.


It is of course correct that the 55,000 novodel sets of 1988 did not include the Olympic issues.



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