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Pretty Girls on Banknotes ~ Switzerland


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Any of them would look much lovelier on a Singapore banknote. ;) Singapore Girl you are a great way to fly - remember the Singapore Airlines commercial?


I used to worked as an IT Project Manager in SIA. Everyday, I took my daily breakfast at the SIA Training Centre canteen. My colleagues and myself used to feast on the groups of SIA girls sitting in the other tables. Some of them are recruited from China, India, Malaysia and locals. Singapore has a small population, it will not be enough to fill up all the post of Singapore Girls. Some of them are really impossible to look at. :ninja:


The SIA "Singapore Girls" brand is a big world commercial success. SIA spends millions each years on branding. I used to remember there was a white man who was the public relation spokeman for SIA. I used to see him around in SIA. He speaks very well and have been working in SIA for many years. A few years ago, I think he start his own public relation company and should be doing well by now.


When I was working for the largest property company in Singapore, I was given a ticket to see the Miss Singapore Universe Show. As our company sponsored some part of the event, we got a whole table for our company. We were positioned just below the stage. The view from the bottom to the top is something very different from when you see them on TV which was straight forward looking. We get to see their bot..ms at table number 1. ;) On the other table, there was a famous Singapore pathology. I was observing him at that time. He was closing his eyes and sleeping. I guessed the girls does not interest him much and the view from the bottom to the stage was not very nice either ( you know what I meant, not toned ). ;)

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