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Guess what? - The Russian coin forum will hit 5000 posts

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To commemorate the coming 5000th post in the Russian coin forum, this is another giveaway, specifically Russian coins. I'm afraid I don't have anything special though ;) Just common kopeks and such but hopefully will be in good home


I am just thankful that the Russian coin forum in coinpeople is perhaps one of the most, if not the most successful forum in English.


People who DON'T normally participate in the Russian coin forum as well as having little or no interest are highly encouraged to participate. As I am typing, the Russian forum is at 4947 posts (wow) (and appearently some 973 posts there are mine :ninja: )


Since time is an awful factor (due to various timezones), what I will ask you to do is to post something random about Russia - doesn't have to be numismatics. You can use images if you like. No flaming though ;) I'll close this when the Russian section hits 5000. From there, I'll pick one that is perhaps the most hilarious/ridicious/interesting/so on. ;)


Good luck! ;)

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"In the US, you can always find a party.

In Soviet Russia, Party finds you! "


"We have no gay people in Russia—there are homosexuals but they are not allowed to be gay about it. The punishment is seven years locked in prison with other men and there is a three-year waiting list for that."


"The first time I went to a restaurant, they asked me 'How many in your party?' and I said "Six hundred million."



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Did you know:


1. The Russian tundra is melting for the first time since the ice age?

2. Moscow has the worlds most used subway system?

3. Russian card decks only have 36 cards?

4. Russian revolution began as a protest march on International Women's Day?

5. The alphabet of Russian is Cyrillic?

6. Russia celebrate Christmas twice a year, December 25 and January 7th?

7. Microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976?

8. The best selling candy bar in Russia is Snickers?

9. Russia has more movie theaters than any other country?

10. It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia?

11. During the reign of Peter the Great, any Russian nobleman who chose to wear a beard had to pay a special beard tax?

12. Russia grows more potatoes than any other country?

13. Russia covers 13% of the world?

14. Russian word for satellite is sputnik?

15. Russia is the largest maker of Asbestos?

16. Russia had a manned moon rocket at the same time as Apollo?

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A man dies and goes to hell. There he discovers that he has a choice: he can go to capitalist hell or to communist hell. Naturally, he wants to compare the two, so he goes over to capitalist hell. There outside the door is the devil, who looks a bit like George W. Bush. "What's it like in there?" asks the visitor. "Well," the devil replies, "in capitalist hell, they flay you alive, then they boil you in oil and then they cut you up into small pieces with sharp knives."


"That's terrible!" he gasps. "I'm going to check out communist hell!" He goes over to communist hell, where he discovers a huge queue of people waiting to get in. He waits in line. Eventually he gets to the front and there at the door to communist hell is a little old man who looks a bit like Karl Marx. "I'm still in the free world, Karl," he says, "and before I come in, I want to know what it's like in there."


"In communist hell," says Marx impatiently, "they flay you alive, then they boil you in oil, and then they cut you up into small pieces with sharp knives."


"But… but that's the same as capitalist hell!" protests the visitor, "Why such a long queue?"


"Well," sighs Marx, "Sometimes we're out of oil, sometimes we don't have knives, sometimes no hot water…"

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My newest purchase. Yes, it's Russian ofcourse ;)



When I suggested the creation of Russian Coin Forums, I'd never even dreamt that it would be that popular. It's been great, and looks like it's getting only better :ninja:

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It's time to open a bottle of Stolichnaya Vodka!

(While others have tried to imitate Russian vodka production techniques, they have never totally succeeded. There are three key elements that separate Stoli from its imitators. First, Stoli is distilled from winter wheat, which is the best tasting wheat, not from corn or other grains. Produced in Russia's oldest distillery, its is considered the classic Russian vodka. Second, virtually all domestic vodka producers use processed water to reduce the product to its proper proof, while the makers of Stoli use the purest, softest glacial waters. Last Stoli is carefully filtered through both quartz and activated charcoal, then through quartz again.)

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Thank you everybody for participating.


It most certainly is hard to decide - Tane, you are most certainly out because my miserable giveaway coins aren't even close to what I can call "Taneli standard" (so don't feel bad about it :D ) Would be VERY nice if you ever send that here :D


Now back to the decision, I had a good laugh with the Russian version of Linux ;)


Scottishmoney, if that happens to be your backyard, I'm sure someone will be tempted to steal it ;)


Drusus's joke is pretty hilarious and the same goes to Kat.


Thanks dan for the interesting trivia. However I am quite puzzled with number 10:

"10. It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia?"

Last time when I was there back in 2002 , probably like 95% of the cars were shockingly dirty or just covered with a lot of dust. It was only after rain or snow that the cars were sparking clean - sure helps to save water ;)


Thank you crzy3by and Topher for the interesting pictures although I never saw them in Russia ;)


Thanks tabbs for the cheers. :D


Banivechi: Most certainly I guess that that's how high quality vodka is produced. Would be nice to have some right now but prices of vodka here is perhaps 10 times of what it costs in Russia :D


Now the drumroll....


(right after the commericals :ninja: )

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The following coins are:





Two nice bimetal coins. ;) Hopefully the person who is going to receive it will like it.


Ironically those are the spares that I have and the joke that I did like is Kat's! Yes, mostly communist coins ;) It vaguely reminded me the time when proper ingredients are hard to find at times and I ended up going to Kankovo (an accidental discovery when I exited out from the wrong Metro station :ninja: ). And that took half an hour from where I used to live!


Congradulations Kat - please kindly pm me your address and it will be on your way!


Thanks for participating and for others who didn't - there is always a next time although I wouldn't guarantee that you might be getting any hot coins ;)



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