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Alaska One Step Closer to Its Own Commemorative Quarter


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The Alaska Commemorative Coin Commission is seeking your comments on the four final designs for the Alaska commemorative quarter.


The new state quarter is part of a 10-year program started by Congress in 1999. Coins are released every ten weeks in the order states were admitted to the union. Alaska was the 49th state admitted to the union in 1959. Hawaii followed shortly thereafter. The back side of each quarter honors that state.


The Alaska Commemorative Coin Commission submitted five narrative designs to the United States Mint. Final designs were selected based on aesthetic beauty, historical accuracy, appropriateness and coinability. The four final designs are:



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I'd rank them:


1st: ak2

2nd: ak1

3rd ak4

4th: ak3


At first I thought ak2 was a bit "crowded" but it grew on me when I think of my times staying in Alaska.


Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

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For me:


1st: Ak3

2nd: Ak3

3rd: Ak4

4th: Ak1


None of them hit the nail on the head for me. I see Alaska as a wilderness with forests, broad tundra plains, and mountain ranges with glaciers NOT only ice burgs and the iditarod. I think the gold rush was an important event but not one that sums up the state well enough.

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so you don't like ak2 at all?


haha.. i noticed that the other day but was too lazy to change it! I think no. 2 was for no. 2 for me.. can't remember though.

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