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One of The Early 20th Centuries Most Attractive Crowns


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Agreed, a beauty. Funny that this piece has come up in three different coin forums in the past few days. Currently Zelma can be found on the 500 latu note:




And maybe in a couple of years (certainly not in 2008) she will be on a €1 coin:




(both images from the Latvian central bank's website)



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The nice thing about the crowns is they are easy to find in good shape, since the Soviets collected them in droves when they rolled in in 1940, so they sat in vaults in the USSR all that time. Then in the 1980's Mezhnumismatika saw a money making opportunity and started selling them at ridiculously high prices in their sales literature. Somewhere I have a price list from them in all my stuff.

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