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1960 Lincoln Cent, Not in Copper

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This is one of the first coins I came across when I started collecting. It was in one of those little camera film canisters, in a stack of other Lincoln cents. It looks to be a normal 1960 (Philadelphia) cent, except for it being made out of some white metal. The only spot of copper on a side is on obverse, on the W in "WE". There are patches of copper along the edge. At the top (from the obverse), there is a rough division between the white metal and the copper; elsewhere it smoothly tapers off into the white metal. This coin feels a little heavier than the copper cents of the time. I really don't know anything else about this; it doesn't sound like any error I have heard of.


I think this could be an error, a counterfeit, or messed with. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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I agree with LostDutchman, most likely plated, especially if you can see copper in spots like you do.


Welcome to CP btw.

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