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Some hot coins from Russia this month


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There arent' too many eyepopping coins this year coming out from Russia. However this month seems to be rather exceptional and I had to check where the origins of the coins come from.




Firstly the commemorative of Leonard Euler (300th anniversary of his birth), a Swiss mathematician who lived most of his life in Germany and Russian and later loved the country so much that he died there in St. Petersburg. Euler is famous for his wide area in mathematics and especially the sigma notation which is noted on the coin. (If you hate maths, well you know who to blame :ninja: ) That is one coin that I should get as I had to plow through his maths years later ;)


Now what puzzled me is the history of Bashkortostan. (no no, no bashing time ;) ) Sure the emblem of a horse on a rock (?) is hot, which is denoted on the 10 ruble bi metal coin and the 50 rubles but on the kilo ruble, it's probably a miserable combination of clip art ;)


And I had to check what is the fuss of Bashkortostan is all about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bashkortostan Seems like a nice place.


Now collecting bi metal coins can be extremely challenging as there are so many subdivisions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subdivisions_of_Russia ;)

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