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British Commemoratives in BRM folders

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Okay, I need some cash flow and some space, so I am going to dump these at practically face value.


According to xe.com, the UK£ is worth about US$1.98, so I am asking $2.00 per £1 of face value.


£1 coins, in folders ($2.00 each)


1986 SOLD!!!


1988 SOLD!!!

1995 (Welsh language, RARE!!!) SOLD!!!

1997 SOLD!!!

2005 SOLD!!!


£2 coins, in folders ($4.00 each)

1986 (Commonwealth Games)

1989 (Bill of Rights) SOLD!!!

1994 (Bank of England)

1995 (dove)

1996 (football) SOLD!!!

1999 (Rugby-bimetallic) SOLD!!!

2003 (DNA-bimetallic) SOLD!!!


£5 coins, in folders ($10 each)

1993 (40th anniversary of coronation)

1996 (Queen's 70th birthday)

1997 (Wedding Golden Jubilee)

1999 (Princess Diana)

1999 (Millenium)

2001 (Victorian Age)

2002 (Golden Jubilee)

2005 (Trafalgar/Nelson) ** 2-coin set!! ($20.00) **



I also have several 50p folders, and a couple of older mint sets & proof sets, willing to move quickly & cheaply (just ask what I have available!)



As is my standard procedure, I prefer PayPal, will accept cash/check/money order from US. Postage will be flat rate of $5.00 for Priority Mail, regardless of how many you buy. Will be more than generous in trading if you have something I want/need (right now I am mainly looking for Bosnian crowns, Croatian & Slovenian bi-metallic commems).

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