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First trip to a real coin shop tomorrow


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Hey guys! :D

First trip to a real Coin Store tomorrow! ;);):ninja:;):D



Thanks :D





I got:

A little lady on a u.s five cent, celebrating her 100th birthday this year-A 1907 V Liberty Nickel in G-4 or so

Here she is!:


A silver colored 1970 Canadian cent - Anybody shed some light? ;)

And misc. 2x2's


In the change I got:

1971,1972,1973 and 1974 Canadian 50 cents

Two provincial quarters


All in all, had great fun! :D

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Strangely I wouldn't have any tips.

I browse for coins at coin shows and search for stuff online and in coin publications, but I only buy from a coin shop when I know exactly what I am looking for.

When I was a pre-teen, I used to spend a bit of time at Gimbels department store where they had a number of glass display cases. My friends and I used to drool, but never bought anything in the cases. Sometimes we'd ask them to get us a coin like an uncirculated 1943-S steel Lincoln, and they'd go into the drawers and pull out a little marked paper envelope with the coin inside.

If I could offer any advice, I would recommend chatting with the owner about what they carry and what you are interested in and perhaps walk away with a token purchase (or purchase a token) as a sign that you might want to develop yourself as a customer over time.

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