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Wheat cent roll finds


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Out of 8 rolls of wheats I bought from a dealer, found 53 keepers. I think I did pretty good. They are:

2x 1910

2x 1913

1x 1915

1x 1916

4x 1918

7x 1919

2x 1920

1x 1920 D

1x 1923

1x 1924

1x 1926

2x 1928

2x 1929

2x 1930

13x 1931

1x 1933

1x 1934

4x 1935

6x 1936

2x 1937

3x 1939

1x 1947 S

1 BU 1955 S (she is a beauty)

1 BU 1957

and four steel cents, all mints.


I think I did pretty good. Thanks for reading!


Phoenix :ninja:

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