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Michigan State Numismatic Society (MSNS) Show?


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Anyone here going to the MSNS show next weekend? Not sure which day I'll be there, aiming for the 14th. Will also be making a few other stops in Michigan that day (mainly fish shops).

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If I go it has to be Friday, I have a Saturday morning class(ugghhh)


Looks like I won't be there until Sunday. Is the show still doing pretty well on Sunday or have most dealers left by then?

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I went with my son(played hookie) with Mom's permission today, it turned out to be a 2.25 hr drive each way for us to go and we ended up getting there about 10:30 or so. It was interesting on the bourse floor, much variation in prices of bullion with different dealers, and a lot of speculative nonsense on where the prices of silver and gold are going to go(like who really knows?)


I went with the primary mission of finding some particular Czech, Spanish, French, Netherlands and Danish banknotes, but found absolutely nothing that I liked. I ended up buying a 1992 Ukrainian 10 Hryven note that I did not previously have, the first one with Ivan Mazepa on it. All in all foreign paper was a bust for me. I was really hoping to find something for my collection that I can't seem to find on eBay or through online dealers.


Then I looked for Canadian $1, and $2 from 1937 in crisp uncirculated, same story - nothing but at best VF-EF.


I did find a set of prints of the 1896 Educational series of Silver Certificates, including the 1897 proposal for a $10 bill - a very beautiful set that didn't set me back but a pittance. Probably the nicest I will ever have of the $5 bill, but I can hold out hope of an Uncirculated $1 or $2 sometime in the future.


I did find 13 Ike Dollars, polybagged together for.... $13.


My son lucked out with talking down prices on foreign banknotes and getting SC's for face value, and lots and lots of free foreign coins.


One thing - Hyatt Regency really really needs to fix their parking lot, amazing to go to such a schmantzy hotel and have to dodge huge potholes all through the parking lot. But maybe they are in keeping with the rest of Detroit, after all potholes should be on the Seal of Detroit, they seem to have so many of them.


The exhibits were a disappointment, only about 5-6 participants, but at least at that everybody gets a prize, so this fall my son will likely enter an exhibit of 2500 Years of coinage in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Ukraine, so he can get the 1/4 oz gold piece.

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Kind of sounds like the show went downhill from last year. There were lots of exhibits and such if I remember correctly. I wonder what happened....


Cool find with the Ike's. I would have picked that bag up too! Sorry to hear you didn't luck out with anything great. Sounds like your son made out quite well!

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I will go to the Fall show, probably, they have it the day after Thanksgiving, which is kind of a pain traffic wise, especially in Detroit. Frankly I was a bit put off by the ridiculous traffic in Detroit, I never ever see traffic like that here unless it is the first day of firearm deer season, which happens to be the only time traffic ever backs up here. :ninja:

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Just got home from the show. Overall it wasn't bad for a Sunday! There were maybe 20 or so tables empty out of 139.


Still lots of dealing going on. I was looking for early teens to late twenties Lincolns. Really didn't find any in my price range that appealed to me, so I started looking at Morgans. Again there wasn't much I liked and if I did like it the price was outrageous. Lots of wildly toned Morgans and ASE.


My only purchases were:


Canada 1960 10 Cent - Gold reverse with splashes of red/green.

Canada 1967 1 Cent - Labeled MS63. Gorgeous rainbow reverse

Canada 1967 10 Cent - Labeled MS61. Toned reverse with splashes of color.

Canada 1968 UNC Set


US 1970 Proof Set - Got it cheap because of the "hazing" on the coins. Nice cameos.

US 1971 Brown Box Proof Ike - Cheap and I like Ikes. So I bought it.


My dad picked up the entire run of 1999 Canadian Quarters that were put out one a month, a Pope John Paul II silver medal, and a couple foreign notes. He also bought me this cool little pocket sized Whitman checklist for $2. That will come in handy!


It was worth the trip. First coin I saw was a PF67 Cameo Morgan. :ninja: I dared not ask what it was priced at!


Pictures are being uploaded. They will be in my Burks Best Buys topic.


Quick question. I'm going to assume the proof set I bought was the large date variety. Am I correct?



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