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South Africa Farthing Design

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And here I was going to recommend you to a website. Then I noticed it was YOURS!!!!


Sorry, can't help. ;)




I am in the process of building the "overseas section", and seem to be having some difficulty finding this information to describe the reverse of the coin :ninja:

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Thanks for all the effort folks!! i have had someone on another forum suggest that it may be a "sweet thorn plant". The image that was provided does seem to match the design of the coin.


Trantor it would be brilliant if your friend could confirm this as being the correct plant, I appreciate your efforts. ;)


Banivechi, thanks for your work in trying to locate the variety in question. :ninja:

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Hi there.  The farthing or "oortjie" is my favourite coin.  The sparrows sits on a Sweet Thorn Tree (Acacia Karroo).  The sparrows refers to Mat 10:29.  The verse is significant for the women and children that was in the Bethulie concentration camp during the Anglo Boer war 1899-1902.  To my knowledge, the SA farthing is the only coin the world that refers to a verse in the Bible.

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