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Die crack Morgan dollar

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I looked though a tray full of morgans and peace dollars before i noticed this coin and if a coin catches my notice it's bought so i bought the coin :ninja:


Another error coin added to my ever growing collection of error coins

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If you all start looking through your Morgans you will notice several of the same type of Error as the 1921 presented by Corina. I have 2 1921 Morgans that are BU and they have the exact same Die Cracks between the Stars on the Obverse and the Reverse has much of the same between many of the letters.


Looking at many of my other Morgans over time revealed much of the same thing so I think this is common. Even the graded coins have these Errors but the Grading companies do not show this because some believe this might hurt the value so they do not indicate the Error on the label. And of coarse there are the grading services that charge extra to add these things to the labels.


So, it might interest some of you folks to take a peek at your Morgan Dollars to see how many of these Die Crack Errors you really have and if the value really does go up at all. In my short time of about 7 years collecting I have learned that it's all relative to the year, grade and who's looking but it's also true that the high end Morgan can be hurt by these small to medium sized Errors. I've had a couple BU Gold Saint Gaudens that graded very high and by me pointing out these Errors thinking I was doing something great it really ended up hurting me because there is a group out there that does consider there High-End Errors to be a detraction. Too bad little old me had to learn yet another hard lesson at my own expense. That's how we learn I guess...


Thank you and good luck to you all!


Dave M.

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Trust me this is no high end morgan


The coin has been cleaned, but for $11 that i paid for this coin i'm not going to gripe


Yeah there are people who think errors aren't good but to many collectors the error coins add something new to their collections

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