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Pretty Girls on Banknotes ~ Germany


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I have never seen this one but it is certainly attractive. :ninja:

The 5 DM note was not exactly popular in Germany (Fed. Rep.), with or without an Albrecht Dürer portrait ... Why use tiny notes if the same denomination is also available as a nice coin? ;)


This note is from the earliest (1960/63) variety of that series, by the way. It does not have the copyright notice on the reverse, and it says "Zuchthaus" instead of "Freiheitsstrafe" in the section about what happens to counterfeiters ...



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This note is P9b in the catalog, a very stark and plain and not colourful note, but one that is made beautiful with Germania and her cadaceus, palm leaf and oar. The vignettes on the reverse are very art nouveau, and not something you would expect on a German banknote, but rather one of the Latin countries.

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