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<TABLE ><TR><TD WIDTH="40%">April marks the eighth month of my deployment. Four more months to go until I'm home for good! In the meantime though, in a few weeks I get to take a 14-day "vacation" (R&R) back home. I'm so excited! :ninja:


To mark this joyous occasion, I'm giving away free 25-dinar notes to anybody who wants one. They're crispy new saddam notes, and I figure they'd make appropriate gift items. My tiny signal company is part of the 36th combat aviation brigade, and our blackhawks had the privilege of delivering him to his executors as well as bringing back what was left. That's my claim to fame for this deployment. My first deployment was in Feb 2003, and my claim to fame then was flying out of Fort Bliss. Our plane had two companies in it. Mine, the 208th Signal Company, and another...the 507th Maintenance Company. No, I don't know Jessica Lynch, and no, I don't believe she's a hero. The real hero was Patrick Miller, who destroyed their radio frequencies and continued fighting by individually hand feeding rounds into his jammed M-16 while under intense fire. He was awarded the silver star and re-enlisted. No book, no movie, no media hype. Not bad for a mechanic.

<TD WIDTH="60%">



Anyway, back on-topic! I can ship to US addresses fairly quickly, other countries...not so fairly quickly. ;) I don't have any stamps, so a special trip to the mail room will be necessary for those international addresses.




Post here, and send me a PM with your mailing address. First come, first serve until they're all gone!




***edit: just to clarify, non-US addresses are welcome! we have mail collection for US mail all over the place, but i have to travel down to the mail facility to get mail out to non-US addresses. it's a bit of a drive from where i stay, so i'll mail those off less frequently than i'll send US-addressed mail.

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PM your mailing addresses if you haven't done so already.


8 left, as of this post!



***edit - going to bed now. i'll be out for the next 7 hours, so i can't save spots through PM's. the next 8 coinpeople who posts their requests below will get them. so if you want a note, save a spot by replying below!

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Is there one available for me. Too shy to ask. :ninja:



Is there anyway of finding solid numbers banknotes from Iraq ? I have been searching for quite a while both in the ebay and among overseas dealers. ;)

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Yes, I can imagine that. ;) Don't collect notes myself, but it's nice of you to give those away. Hope you have a nice "vacation at home" and a safe stay away from home!




I agree, I don’t really collect notes myself. I hope you have a nice vacation home because you deserve it. My friend is flying out to Iraq for a 6 month deployment soon. He is in the British Army. Although I used to be in the Royal Navy, Iraq would not be a deployment I would particularly fancy.

Very kind giveaway. :ninja:

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